31 Aug 2016

Soft Serve Society review

My Soft Serve Society Experience

New to Shoreditch - Soft Serve Society whip up some delicious ice creams with unique toppings.

Soft serve ice cream

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25 Aug 2016

Unique Burgers - National Burger Day

London isn't lacking in it's array of burger joints. Around every corner there's a burger just waiting to be bitten.

As it's national burger day today I thought I would share the best unique burgers that London has to offer.

Celebrate national burger day with one of my top picks of unique burgers. Read on for my unique list of burgers.
Celebrating National Burger Day With The Donut Burger And Waffle Burger At Bird Restaurant

21 Aug 2016

Not All Nandos Are Created Equal

Watch my very first YouTube video/vlog below. Please support by giving the video a thumbs up and subscribing to the channel for more food and travel vids.

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15 Aug 2016

Benihana Restaurant Review

My Benihana Experience

Benihana is a Japanese restaurant with food cooked live in front of each table by skilled chefs.

Benihana chef

We went for the