26 Jan 2017

Best Hotels And AirBnB's In Iceland

If you're after an upgraded stay in Iceland, then this list of the best luxury hotels and unique accommodation is for you.

Best hotels in Iceland

24 Jan 2017

30 Ways To Get Paid To Travel

Who doesn't dream of living a life of financial and global freedom? The number 1 dream job has to involve getting paid to travel. If you want to get paid to travel you must firstly believe in yourself. Be confident. Being friendly helps as does a willingness to work hard.
Paid To Travel

Get into

22 Jan 2017

My Review Of Iceland

About Iceland

Considering the amount of snow and Ice in Iceland. Iceland isn't quite as cold as many other snowy locations. This is because there are hot lava chambers flowing beneath the earths surface. There are loads of hot springs in Iceland. Some too hot to bath in. The Icelandic population is quite small and the daylight hours in Iceland are unique. In summer you can enjoy midnight sun. Whilst in winter, 9am is still completely dark outside!

My Review Of Iceland

Blue Lagoon Iceland

Let's start with the good part of my review. Thankfully