22 Jun 2016

Blixen Restaurant Review

My Blixen Experience

After a bit of indecision about where to brunch I decided on Blixen - one of the places on my food bucket list.
Food At Blixen
Our lunch at Blixen

I had a craving for pancakes and the
pancake photos I had seen from Blixen looked so good.

We headed down to Spitalfields narrowly missing the downpour and were pleasantly surprised with Blixen. Blixen is a lovely date venue, we were dressed super casual amongst the city slickers but that wasn't gonna stop us.

We asked for a garden seat. I wanted to see if the garden lived up to expectations. I'm happy to report that the garden at Blixen is gorgeous. A really romantic backdrop with lots of hanging foliage. Stools, chairs and comfy sofa seats.

The cloudy skies of London feel distant in this little oasis. Beaded curtains and hanging lights twinkle between all of the greenery. The music was perfect too. Subtle, soul made for a super chilled out vibe.
Pancakes at Blixen

Service at Blixen is pretty good too. Upon being seated we received a choice of complimentary still or sparkling water, which was topped up throughout. I ordered a hot chocolate and a stack of pancakes. The hot chocolate at Blixen is superb. Pancakes are pretty good. Though not the best. They come served with a dollop of mascarpone cream and tonnes of blueberries. The pancakes were super filling but a bit too dry. I had to ask for some more mascarpone cream.

Bae ordered a beef burger which was just ok. All in all the garden at Blixen made for a perfect spring brunch date.

What Was Amazing? 

The venue - especially the indoor garden. The way the pancakes look. The delicious tasting hot chocolate. The atmosphere.

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