22 Jun 2016

Bunny Chow Review

My Bunnychow Experience

Bunnychow is a healthy casual restaurant in Soho. Bunnychow serve up tasty, hollowed out loaves of bread, filled with a filling of your choice. This unique dish is native to South Africa.

First you choose your bread. I chose the yoga bunny which is white bread with a green glow thanks to the added green tea matcha.
Bunnychow Food
Our lunch at Bunnychow
J went for the
happy bunny. A charcoal brioche, with detoxifying and immune boosting properties.

Next you choose your filling. For mine I got chakalaka chicken and J chose bobotie meatballs.

For salad I chose chose coriander salad and the friendly server told J that the meatballs goes best with matching bobotie salsa.

I also ordered a side of spicy chicken wings and J carried on the bobotie meatballs theme.

Bunnychow also make fresh juices to which u can add a shot - or two of vodka, gin or rum.

I went for the rabbit punch. It tastes like a delicious healthy green juice. Not something I often equate with green juices. The rabbit punch tastes Mildly sweet. It consists of cucumber, mint, elderflower, lime and lemon juice.

I had a few sips of J's Russian buck which is orange, vanilla, elderflower and lemon juice. It tastes like a good glass of fresh orange juice. Hard to taste the other ingredients but sweet and refreshing either way.

The bobotie meatballs starter from bunnychow has such a distinct, minty, spicy taste. Thanks to the unique infusion of cloves, nutmeg and pepper. 6 meatballs are served on a bed of fresh coriander, red onion and raisins. With a tasty red sauce drizzled on top.
Bunnychow Chicken and Meatballs Starters
Bunnychow Spicy Chicken Wings and Bobotie Meatballs Starter
The starter of chicken wings is nice and spicy. The wings taste really fresh and not at all oily. The tender, flavoursome chicken wings come drizzled in a creamy sauce.

The chakalaka chicken bunny consists of succulent pulled chicken mixed with fresh fragrant onions, bell peppers and coriander. It's really spicy, and the green tea matcha bread is soft and fluffy.
Bunny Chow Bunnies
Bunny Chow Matcha and Charcoal Bunnies
The bobotie meatballs bunny is more of the same yummy bobotie meatballs starter. This dish is so uniquely flavoured. The heat slowly builds up on you. The freshness of the salad and the sweet taste of raisins compliment the dish well.

Everything is fresh and tasty. I highly recommend bunnychow for a healthy lunchtime eat.

What's Amazing? 

The uniqueness of the dishes and the unique flavours.

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