22 Jun 2016

Cocomaya Review

My Cocomaya Experience

Cocomaya sounds like the name of some swanky nightclub right? However, this review is about Cocomaya- a luxury bakery in luxurious Bayswater.

Arriving at Cocomaya I was greeted by a friendly French lady. I asked her what the favourite items were. She pointed to quite a few things, including a mini flourless chocolate cake. It looked like it had a tiramisu topping and chocolate sponge bottom.

She also said she really loved the chocolate and sour cherry cake, but none of these peaked my interest quite as much as their super cool food hybrid!

I knew exactly what I was at Cocomaya for. A unique food hybrid that as far as I know can only be ordered from Cocomaya...
Cocomaya Cruffins
I present to you..
the cruffin! I ordered all four flavours.

A cruffin is a croissant slash muffin. Yes! A croissant muffin.

There's a little bit of seating available inside and outside of Cocomaya. Getting there is quite straightforward - so long as you have proper walking instructions if coming by public transport.

The cruffins feel quite dense, so they should be quite a filling treat. The cruffins themselves taste like the most perfectly made croissants. Fresh and buttery with thin crispy outer layers.

The first cruffin I had the pleasure of eating was the vanilla bean and strawberry cruffin. The creamy yellow cream cheese tastes strangely like root beer at first. You know that unique, slightly minty taste.

The vanilla bean and strawberry cruffin is packed full of a generous amount of mildly sweetened cream. You can see black vanilla specs in the delicious cream, and I was right! The cruffin really is quite filling.

The strawberry and vanilla bean cruffin is dusted with a little sugar. Bringing it up to the perfect level of sweetness. The strawberry and vanilla bean cruffin is not too sweet nor too savoury. It houses the perfect amount of cream and pastry.

Mmm mmm mmm! It was a struggle to leave some of the Lemon and blueberry cruffin for my husband to try. The lemon and blueberry cruffin has 3 delicious blueberries on top, which are slightly sweet and slightly sour. The cream inside this cruffin is smooth and creamy, with a zesty lemon tang!

The lemon and blueberry cruffin pastry is pretty perfect, with a light outer crust. Soft inner layers, and all round buttery taste. Plus, the perfect dusting of sugar. This might just be my fave Cocomaya cruffin!

If you're a bit scared of salted caramel don't worry! The salted caramel cruffin aka sea salt caramel cheesecake cruffin is basically caramel, with the tiniest. Non-intrusive pinch of salt. Crunchy oaty chunks are on top of the salted caramel cruffin, and it's filled with a soft caramel cream cheese. Yum!

I saved the chocolate and mascarpone cruffin till last. Even though I'm a certified chocoholic, this wasn't the cruffin I was most excited to try.

Mascarpone is a soft Italian cheese. Basically just buttercream. The chocolate and mascarpone cruffin has a delicious chocolate mascarpone filling, which tastes like the most delectable choccy mousse. The chocolate and mascarpone cruffin is covered in a chocolate coating. Topped with crispy little chocolate balls.

The chocolate and mascarpone cruffin is not too sweet or too rich. I'd say it tastes perfect.

So, at this point. I don't even think I have to tell y'all that I'll be back to Cocomaya for more!

What's Amazing?

The cakes and pastries. Especially the delicious cruffin food hybrids.

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