20 Jun 2016

Cote Hays Galleria - Alfresco Breakfast With A View

About Cote

Cote is a French restaurant chain, with branches all over London. Offering all day dining and a rewards scheme for registered members. Cote also have a gluten free and children's menu and their specials menu changes every month. Cote - Hays Galleria branch is situated on the south bank of the river Thames in London Bridge. Built in the 1850s, Hay's Wharf took deliveries from ships from all over the world. Today Hays Galleria has been restored with shops and market traders along the riverside.

My Cote Hay's Galleria Review

Thinking back to our trip to Cote - Hays Galleria is such a fond memory. We went to Cote during summer for a late breakfast.

Cote is a French semi-casual restaurant chain. The Hays galleria branch of Cote is really nice. We specifically chose to visit the Hays Galleria branch because of it's beautiful outdoor seating area, with gorgeous views over The river Thames. Cote Hays Galleria makes a perfect breakfast or lunch spot for a romantic date in summer. I just hope you choose a good day to eat outside!
Cote Hays Galleria
The View From Cote Hays Galleria
You know how
unpredictable London weather can be! Luckily we chose a good day to sit alfresco at Cote Hays Galleria.

The service at Cote was pretty good. I ordered a croissant and scrambled eggs with smoked salmon.

The croissant came first, with a complimentary selection of spreads. Jam, butter and marmalade. Just like Paddington bear I love marmalade!

The smoked salmon usually comes with poached eggs, but I asked to have mine changed to scrambled eggs. It was a yummy dish. Just wish there was a bit more of it!
Cote Breakfast Hays Galleria
Cote Breakfast At Hays Galleria 
The smoked salmon and scrambled eggs at Cote arrive on top of a toasted English muffin, with some tasty hollandaise sauce.

Breakfast at Cote Hays Galleria was a nice experience - Helped by the outdoor seating. Though I probably wouldn't go back for breakfast. I'm not much of an early bird to start with! Plus there portions are a bit too small for the cost in my opinion. Also the breakfast options at Cote aren't anything extra special.

However, I do recommend taking your beau to Cote Hays Galleria for a summer time date.

Extra Tip : Why not make a day of it and stroll over to Borough market afterwards. It's within short walking distance from Cote Hays Galleria.

What's Amazing? 

The views and the location.

Bon appetit

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