22 Jun 2016

Crumbs And Doilies Review

My Crumbs And Doilies Experience

My birthday was coming up so I decided to order something sweet from Crumbs and Doilies to share with guests at my party. Whilst in Crumbs and Doilies I couldn't resist buying a unique looking
Rice Crispy Brownie
Crumbs and doilies rice crispie brownie
rice crispy brownie.

The bottom layer is rice crispy, with a layer of perfect tasting chocolate brownie on top. A thin layer of nougat sits on top the brownie cake and a solid chocolate plaque tops it all off. Crumbs and doilies rice crispy brownie tastes delicious. Especially the brownie itself. The rice crispy is a little bit intrusive - texture wise. Crumbs and doilies rice crispy brownie cost £3.90
I ordered my mini cupcakes on Crumbs and Doilies website and picked them up in store. I went for a dozen popcorn topped mini cupcakes - I love a buttery cake, so this cake was right up my street. The buttercream has the perfect amount of sugar and is as buttery as can be!
Mini Cupcakes
Crumbs and Doilies Mini Cupcakes
The popcorn on top is fresh and savoury, which I think is best - as sweet popcorn would have made the cake too sweet overall. The popcorn tastes best picked off and eaten first in my opinion - because of the texture difference. The sponge tastes just right. Not too dry and not too moist. It's lightly sweetened which I love. You could eat loads of the sponge without feeling sick!

My 2nd choice was a dozen Crumbs and Doilies mint choc mini cupcakes. The light green buttercream has a slight minty taste, and the chocolate sponge tastes of authentic chocolate. Thanks to the actual bit of chocolate hiding inside the sponge. Quite often I find that chocolate sponge can be a bit dry and not taste like chocolate in my opinion.

My favourite have to be Crumbs and Doilies mini popcorn cupcakes. They look unique and taste delicious.

What's Amazing? 

The unique flavour options especially the mini popcorn cupcakes. The delicious brownies.

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