22 Jun 2016

Dishoom Restaurant Review

My Dishoom Experience

Indian food is perhaps my favourite, and having seen and heard so many good things about Dishoom. I decided it was high time I finally got a piece of the action.

Food at Dishoom

Spoilt for choice, I settled on a chicken tikka roll/wrap, which was
really filling. More so than I had expected. A soft wrap is stuffed with richly flavoured chicken tikka pieces. Caressed by a sweet and slightly spicy sauce. Tasty, fresh herbs and salad leaves are piled inside the wrap. This dish also comes with a yummy plum jam.

Dishoom Chicken Tikka Roll
Dishoom Chicken Tikka Wrap

J had the lamb bun, which comes with a delicious coleslaw and mini fries.

The tasty coleslaw includes pomegranate pieces, and the mini fries are super tiny. Crunchy, crisp like chips.

Everything comes with three complimentary sauces. A barbeque sauce. Really spicy tomato sauce that I loved, and a green coriander paste. All equally tasty as each other.

The lamb bun at Dishoom is soft, with a generous amount of tender pulled lamb. It's a mild dish, but the flavours are just perfect.

Lamb Bun at Dishoom
Dishoom Lamb Bun
Dishoom have a nice lengthy menu so I'll definitely be back for more - and I can't wait!

Everything at Dishoom was so delicious.  Including my tasty mocktail, which consisted of intensely flavoured passion fruit juice with mint and soda water.

The service we received at Dishoom wasn't so good though. Quite rushed.

Dishoom is a casual, dress down place. However you wouldn't look out of place dressed up on an evening visit.

What Was Amazing?

The quality and flavour of the food. The menu which leaves you spoilt for choice.

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