22 Jun 2016

Foxcroft And Ginger Cruffins Review

Foxcroft and ginger have added croissant and muffin food hybrid - cruffins to their menu. Foxcroft and Ginger claim to be the first London baker of cruffins. A bold statement considering Cocomaya, a beautiful little bakery in bayswater have been selling delicious cruffins for quite some time!
Foxcroft and Ginger Cruffins
I had high hopes for foxcroft and ginger, but after a long cold walk to beyond retro there were only 3 cruffins on sale. Almond, chocolate and salted caramel coffee flavours. I would later find out
that the salted caramel was actually coffee...boo! Each foxcroft and ginger cruffin cost me £2.90.

I had hoped to get a sourdough sandwich also but none were on sale. When I asked the server if the toasted sandwiches out on display were sourdough bread he looked a bit confused.

I arrived at Foxcroft and Ginger - beyond retro branch at about 10.30am so it wasn't a case of supplies running low. The cakes up on display had little fruit flies hovering around them. Nice!

A server had told me that the coffee cruffin was caramel flavour but I found out it was actually coffee cream once I took a bite out of it! Foxcroft and Ginger cruffins are pretty good, but not quite as mouth watering as my first experience of the heavenly food hybrid known to man as cruffins.

Maybe you'll have more luck with foxcroft and ginger cruffins if you check out their other locations. There are apparently 5 cruffins in their range, but as I stated only three were available at beyond retro in Dalston.

My first encounter with foxcroft & Ginger wasn't amazing. So I'm glad that hubby decided to surprise me with a different cruffin from another branch of Foxcroft & Ginger.
Apple Crumble Cruffin
It's absolutely delicious. The apple crumble cruffin from Foxcroft & Ginger has the perfect little bit of sharpness from the taste of apple and the crumble pieces on top of this cruffin are crunchy yumminess.

The apple crumble cruffin can now safely be added to my list of favourite cruffins.

What's Amazing?

The cruffins!
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