22 Jun 2016

Granger And Co Review

My Granger And Co Experience

Granger and Co has been one of my bucket list food destinations for quite some time. I finally got to try out their infamous ricotta hotcakes and so smooth you'd think it's mousse scrambled eggs!

Ricotta hotcakes and scrambled eggs

Granger and Co is
in a nice quiet location. Not on a busy high street. The venue is white with glimmering gold. It crosses the line between casual and classy. You can happily dress up a bit or dress down a bit.

Granger and Co is casually romantic. A great date venue. Especially for breakfast, lunch, or brunch - Dinner also.

We were greeted on arrival and great service continued throughout our stay. Sitting down a waiter poured some complimentary sparkling water. Nice to receive complimentary water. Even nicer to know that it wasn't tap water!

I already knew what I was going for. The ricotta hotcakes and a side of scrambled eggs. Granger and Co is an Australian establishment and our main waitress was even Australian. She let me know that the ricotta hotcakes are filling. She hadn't lied.

I couldn't finish my meal, but I was happy I had made it to Granger and Co for their lovely hotcakes. The ricotta hotcakes are basically pancakes made with ricotta cheese. Trying to describe the ricotta hotcakes to my husband I could only think of a cross between a pancake and an omelette.
Ricotta Hotcakes Gif
Granger and Co Ricotta Hotcakes

The ricotta hotcakes at Granger and Co are super smooth tasting. Not too sickly sweet. Even with the delicious maple syrup and warm banana that accompanies the dish.

Granger and Co do the smoothest scrambled eggs I've ever seen! The scrambled eggs look like a yellow puree, and taste yummy. The eggs are Lightly flavoured with salt. The scrambled eggs taste like scrambled eggs. I wasn't sure they would. I thought maybe they'd taste like an omelette.

What's Amazing? 

The super smooth scrambled eggs and the ricotta hotcakes.

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