22 Jun 2016

Primrose Bakery Review

About My Primrose Bakery Experience

Primrose bakery is a cute little cafe bakery situated in West London foodie haven of Covent Garden. A second bakery is located in Camden. It's snug, bright and girly, with cute cupcakes on display. I wanted to try the more unusual flavours so I chose cinnamon, green tea and also a salted caramel and a carrot cupcake.
Primrose Bakery
Primrose Bakery Cupcakes

I had hoped
to take home a blueberry cupcake, however it wasn't on sale the day I went in. I suggest picking up one of the Primrose Bakery flyers as it tells you when each cupcake is available in store.

From the 1st bite of Primrose Bakery's salted caramel cupcake I was in paradise. It has the perfect buttery taste. Thanks to a well made sponge and beautiful caramel buttercream. The salt is non intrusive and a little caramel surprise awaits at the bottom of the cupcake.

I wasn't a fan of the carrot cupcake and I used to be a major carrot cake lover. The Primrose bakery carrot cupcake has raisins which put me off a bit.

Those after a carrot cupcake without raisins should go for the cinnamon cupcake at the Primrose bakery. The cinnamon cupcake smells and tastes carrot cakey.

You can rely on the Primrose bakery for good quality cupcakes that aren't sickly sweet and have that oh so important perfect buttercream.

What Was Amazing? 

The cupcakes. Particularly the salted caramel one and the green tea one.

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