22 Jun 2016

Savoy Afternoon Tea Review

My Savoy Afternoon Tea Experience

It was the usual with J. He kind of puffed at the idea of afternoon tea. His outlook was a bit negative, but I was confident. I remembered how much we both enjoyed our first afternoon tea experience, and knew he would be in his element once again when we had settled in to the Savoy.

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Our savoy afternoon tea experience took place on a weekday. We were
greeted by friendly doormen before walking through the rotating doors. We were escorted to our seats in the Thames Foyer where our Savoy afternoon tea experience took place.

Cosy carpet and plush chairs with cushions are dotted around the room. A giant bird cage is in the center with seats inside. Real orchids are in the corners of the room, and the pretty flower arrangement of hydrangeas and roses in the middle of the room kept catching my eye.

There's an option for traditional afternoon tea or high tea. Both are four courses long. With high tea having a savory option - instead of the sweet pastries that are served as the third course for traditional afternoon tea.

A friendly waiter introduced himself in passing. Complimenting us both on our attire. J and I almost always end up matching our outfits subconsciously these days. It must be a long term relationship thing! This day was no exception, and what was so cool about it, was that we ended up matching the decor of the Savoy!

A green colour is prominent at the Savoy Thames Foyer. I just so happened to be wearing teal, whilst J just so happened to be in a complementary shade of green. It wasn't planned - honest!

Well enough about all that. Let me tell you more about our afternoon tea at the Savoy.

Our main waitress was so down to earth and friendly. She really made us feel relaxed throughout our whole stay.

The first course was a tray of finger sandwiches. We received four each. All except one of the sandwiches were a bit of a blur to me. One was a smoked salmon sandwich on white bread. Another was ham and pesto. There was also an egg sandwich, and our favourite - the coronation chicken with olive bread.

All of the sandwiches were fresh with super soft bread. The coronation chicken sandwich was especially flavoursome.

J asked for some extra coronation chicken sandwiches, which was not a problem. We could literally have had as much of everything as we'd have liked during our stay.


Next was my favourite. The scones. Wrapped in cloth, the scones arrive nice and warm. With the most perfect. Soft, buttery and crumbly texture. You receive two plain and two raisin scones each - with jam. Tangy lemon curd and a ball of fresh clotted cream to slather your scones in.

It's good to know that the Savoy can accommodate for all dietary requirements. Vegan, allergies or gluten free. Just let The Savoy know in advance.

The Savoy have an impressive number of teas to choose from. 33 to be precise, and having become quite the tea lovers over the past couple of years, we were well and truly spoilt for choice.

All teas available at the savoy can be purchased at the Savoy tea shop.

The first afternoon tea sitting is at 1pm each day, lasting about 1 hour and 45 minutes. However, on less quiet days you'll have the option to stay for longer. Be prepared to want to stay forever!

Weekdays can be a little less busy and not so noisy - making for a more relaxed experience.

I liked the sound of Ceylon tea, which is a black tea. I was advised to try the Savoy special afternoon blend - a unique mix of ceylon and darjeeling. A tea which can only be enjoyed at the Savoy. I liked it. It was a bit lighter, and more refreshing than a typical black tea.

For my next tea I tried white peony with rose. I initially had my eye on rose tea, but was advised to instead try the white peony with rose. Our waitress said the full on rose tea can become a bit tiring for the tastebuds, whereas white peony helps to create a more refreshing taste than the rose buds alone. Since I was having so many sweet treats I considered it a bright idea.

I didn't need any sugar for the white peony and rose tea. I wasn't sure if I would like it, I just chose it because it was so different. Thankfully though, I enjoyed it a lot.

J enjoyed a Moroccan mint tea - memories from our trip to Marrakech. His second tea was a leaf that had a smooth lemony taste, without the bitterness or overbearing sharpness of actual lemon.

For my third course, I tried a mango and passionfruit chocolate eclair, which I recommend for those that prefer more fruity desserts.

The fourth and final course was a yummy slice of victoria sponge cake that I just about managed to devour! The sponge was perfectly moist and you couldn't have asked for more cream.

The toilets at the savoy are huge, with tables and stools in front of two hanging mirrors upon entry. Further in are where the cubicles can be found, and at the wash basins there are real cloths to dry your hands with. A luxury honey handwash and hand lotion. The men's toilet had a whisky and water handwash and hand cream which left J's hands smelling lovely.

When you think of afternoon tea you might assume that it will be a snooty, over hyped experience with tasteless cucumber sandwiches. Something more suited to a party of girly girls. However. There was a group of all guys during our afternoon tea experience and quite a few couples - young to old during our time at the Savoy.

It was an enjoyable, romantic and relaxing experience. The somewhat hazy ambience and plush seats meant I could have stayed there forever and been just fine!

Even though The Savoy Hotel is as classy as they come. The vibe thankfully is unpretentious, with mixed crowds and waiting staff that possess a genuine warmth. Each course is explained thoroughly, and teas are recommended to you. Throughout your afternoon tea session staff chat with you attentively and continually top up your tea.

We bobbed along to the female pianist, as she played a mixed selection of songs ranging from happy birthday for a celebrating party. Disney's the little mermaid to Seal's kiss from a rose.

I highly recommend the Savoy Afternoon tea for a romantic date or special occasion with families and friends.

What Was Amazing? 

The atmosphere. The service. The impressive number of teas to choose from. The cakes. The scones and the coronation chicken sandwiches.

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