21 Jul 2016

Croissant Ice Cream Cone Comes To London!

Behold, I present to you...the crone! A beautiful crossiant cone (crone) ice cream.
Croissant Ice Cream Cone
Croissant Ice Cream Cone
The crone is available at
Dum Dum doughnuts at Shoreditch box park in London. It's pricey but to be fair it is super filling and it's one of a kind!
I ordered two mouth watering crones. A strawberry ice cream crone and a Belgian chocolate ice cream crone.

You pick your sauce, your fruits, your toppings and your ice cream of choice.

For the strawberry ice cream crone I chose salted caramel sauce. Raspberries, crushed biscuit and flake.

For the Belgian chocolate ice cream crone I chose blueberries, Oreo pieces and white chocolate sauce.

I tried a tiny bit of the Belgian chocolate ice cream crone. It was so delicious. I will have to go back for one that I can enjoy all to myself!

The strawberry ice cream crone is fruity and refeshing but I prefer creamy ice creams like chocolate or vanilla. Fruity dessert lovers will love the strawberry ice cream.

You can even crown your crone by adding a delicious cronut (croissant-doughnut hybrid)!

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