24 Jul 2016

Hixter Bankside Review

My Experience At Hixter Bankside

I've been putting off this review because I'm still waiting to go back to Hixter and try their sharing dessert. A chocolate fondue with marshmallows and doughnuts. My mouth is watering as I think about it.
Chicken and chips

We enjoyed what I like to call
posh chicken and chips. Out comes a whole bird, ready to be carved. Perfectly roasted with crisp, melt in the mouth skin and tender chicken, with flavoursome juices running throughout. The bird is served with a jug of gravy and perfectly done, melt in the mouth skinny fries.

No whole roast is complete without stuffing and the bird at Hixter doesn't disappoint with stuffing in the center ready to be devoured.

For dessert I opted for a gold chocolate mousse as J didn't want a dessert so I couldn't possibly have fondued alone.
Chocolate and Honeycomb mousse

My dessert consisted of creamy chocolate mousse with honeycomb pieces and shaved chocolate. It was just ok.

After dinner we headed over to the games table to play checkers. There's also backgammon. I ordered a dorset donkey cocktail which was recommended to me and I enjoyed it. Thank you waiter! It's a sweet cocktail with morello cherry.

What Was Amazing

The roast chicken with skinny fries. Pretty sure the fondue dessert tastes amazing too. I'll let you know for certain once I get round to trying it.

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