12 Jul 2016

The Amazing Majorelle Gardens In Pictures

Majorelle gardens aka Le Jardin Majorelle is by far the most beautiful and enchanting garden I've ever visited to date. To think we almost didn't go!
Majorelle Rhododendron
The amazing rhododendron bush at Majorelle Gardens

Majorelle Hot Poker
Majorelle Gardens - Hot Poker Plants
Exploring Majorelle

Majorelle Pergola

Majorelle Blue

Majorelle giant rhododendron

Majorelle Cacti

Majorelle Lily Pads

Majorelle Sky view

Majorelle Cactus

Exploring Majorelle Gardens
Le Jardin Majorelle Cacti

Jardin Majorelle Plants

Amazing Travel - Jardin Majorelle
Hidden Amongst Leaves At Majorelle
Majorelle Gardens - J Hidden Among The Leaves

YSL Majorelle

Majorelle Photo

Majorelle Jungle

Majorelle Gardens - Tall Cactus

Majorelle gardens is a haven for nature photographers. It's must see in Marrakech. It was a wonderfully hot and sunny day when we took a spontaneous trip to the Majorelle gardens in Marrakech.

I'd seen colourful pictures of the Majorelle gardens before our visit. The prominent theme of blue and yellow works so well and I decided we should all wear matching colours. Doing so made for some stunning pictures.

There is an impressive array of cacti at Majorelle gardens. Distinct, colourful hot poker plants and sky high palm trees.

The beauty of such a vast amount of foliage had me in awe throughout my trip. There are ponds with giant lily pads and a show stopping giant rhododendron bush.

Plant lovers will love this place for sure, and you'll be glad to know that it's an inexpensive excursion.
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