22 Jul 2016

The Painted Heron Review

My Experience At The Painted Heron

The painted Heron is a fine dining Indian restaurant in Chelsea.
Bird Starter
The Painted Heron - Bird Starter

The menu at the painted heron consists of mixed
starter plates, a resting course and main courses which are designed to be shared.
Meat Starter
The Painted Heron - Meat Starter

For starters I chose the bird plate which consists of tender wood pigeon breast. Quail and gressingham duck tikka. J chose the meat platter of spring lamb tikka, lamb chop and wagyu beef kebab. It was a treat tucking in to the most premium cuts of meat and bird on the market.

The resting course was avocado lassi served in a shot glass. It was surprisingly delicious. Sweet and creamy with cumin seeds.
Avocado Lassi
Avocado Lassi

As an invited guest I was lucky enough to sample all of the main courses on offer. Nothing could be faulted. It was all so delicious.
Crispy Asparagus
Crispy Asparagus

Sweet chilli tikka
Sweet chili tikka
The crispy asparagus, okra and sweet potato chilli dust was perfectly done. The chicken tikka sweet chilli was up there with the best. Whilst the rose veal was wonderfully tender with a slightly noticeable hint of rose.

Broccoli Poriyal
Broccoli and Cauliflower poriyal

The broccoli, cauliflower and sugar snap peas 'poriyal' was creamy with a nice flavour and fresh crunch.

The lamb shank 'osso bucco' in super hot curry sorrel was delicious and not as hot as I had expected. However some did find it tp be very hot. That's where the flavoursome raita with yoghurt, cucumber and pomegranate will help quench the fire.
The painted heron salad
Watercress, mango and sweetcorn salad

The yellow lentils with spinach were faultless and the watercress, mango and sweetcorn salad was very tasty. Considering I'm not much of a salad girl. I enjoyed the additions of mango and sweetcorn to the fresh tasting watercress. It gives a perfect sweet and savory balance.


Dessert at the painted heron was deliciously unique. Carrot halwa profiterole, gulab jamun black forest and rose petal ice cream.

What Was Amazing?

All of the dishes were absolutely perfect. I would order everything all over again!

I like that the mains are sharing as there's something fun about picking and choosing from multiple different dishes on the table. Just like you would do sat round the table at a family gathering.

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