5 Jul 2016

Vicky's Donuts Review

I ordered some custom donuts to celebrate our anniversary which was in April. I thought I'd surprise bae with some.. "I love you bae" donuts.
Vicky's Custom Donuts
For those of you who may not know what bae stands for click here. I ordered four flavours from Vicky's donuts selection. Salted caramel, vanilla. Chocolate and
"the Homer". These are home delivered or you can collect them.

I can still remember the distinct, delicious taste of Vicky's donuts. Soft. Squidgy dough, with smooth icing. Not hard or sticky icing like a lot of other donuts. Vicky's donuts aren't overly sweet either. They're just right.

Vicky's salted caramel donuts have mini pretzels on top. They have the perfect amount of salt and the pretzels work really well with the donut.

Vanilla like all the other donuts are nice and flavoursome.

The chocolate donut is yummy, with a slightly bitter chocolate taste that I actually really like.

The homer has an unexpected fresh, flavoursome tang of raspberries. It tastes like real fruit was used. It's a welcome, refreshing taste that i haven't experienced from doughnut icing before.

My only complaint about Vicky's donuts is that they are too small for the price. Because they're so light and airy, I could easily have eaten them all in one day!
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