7 Aug 2016

Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Review

Waking up at 3.30am is worth it for a dreamy sunrise hot air balloon ride over the one of a kind city that is Cappadocia.
Hot air balloons Cappadocia
Hot air balloons at sunrise in Cappadocia

It was the first morning of our mini holiday
and back home in London it was only 1.30am!

We were picked up from our hotel at 4am and driven to base for breakfast. After our breakfast we made a short journey to the hot air balloon flight point. Still dark outside we watched as flames shot up into the balloons before being helped into our 12 person hot air balloon.
Cappadocia Balloon Flights
The friendly hotel manager of Hermes recommended this company to us and I'm glad for his insight.

There are many balloon companies to choose from. If you go for the cheapest option your flight may not be as smooth sailing. Paying a bit more for a safer, more experienced pilot is recommended. That's what we did.
Champagne cappadocia

Also the size of our balloon basket was on the smaller side which meant a more intimate flight with less arms and heads in the way when trying to get those oh so important shots.

You don't feel as though you're flying high but I guess that's because you're only gently floating as a balloon does when there aren't any winds to contend with.

We took in views of a gorgeous sunrise and views of the other balloons in flight over the horizon were just fantastic. It wasn't too hot or too cold at this time of year to wear a light top without a jacket.
Cappadocia Hot air balloons

I would however recommended good walking shoes and trousers or leggings as you'll need to climb in and out of the balloon.

Once we had landed we enjoyed some celebratory champagne and ground level photo ops. It was a beautiful start to our day.

It was back to bed for us when we got back to our hotel.

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