25 Aug 2016

Unique Burgers - National Burger Day

London isn't lacking in it's array of burger joints. Around every corner there's a burger just waiting to be bitten.

As it's national burger day today I thought I would share the best unique burgers that London has to offer.

Celebrate national burger day with one of my top picks of unique burgers. Read on for my unique list of burgers.
Celebrating National Burger Day With The Donut Burger And Waffle Burger At Bird Restaurant

National burger day option 1 : The Donut Burger From Bird. Also Available At Reds True Barbeque

My Bird Donut Burger Review : Fresh from trying this delicious burger for lunch earlier today, I can vouch for it's deliciousness. Tender, free range chicken is coated in a perfect batter and sandwiched between two soft. Glazed ring doughnuts. The doughnut burger from bird arrived hot with a generous amount of melting American cheese.

This burger is truly worthy of a spot on the unique burgers list. The donut burger from bird comes with bacon. However you can order it without if you don't eat pork. This burger alone is filling enough for a lunchtime treat. Bird Restaurants can be found in Shoreditch, Islington and Camden with a new branch opening soon in Stratford!

Also check out Red's True Bbq's version of the doughnut burger in Shoreditch.

National burger day option 2 : The Scotch Ness Burger From Yeah Burger

What could be more unique than a beef pattie sandwiched between a scotch egg. Wave goodbye to the regular old burger bun, as you enjoy this scotch egg burger at Yeah Burger, Star Of Kings in North London.

National burger day option 3 : The Sushi Burger From Sticky Bundits

You've tried sushi, but I bet you haven't tried a sushi burger! Well now you can : ) Instead of the usual burger bun. Your burger will come sandwiched between Japanese style sushi rice. Enjoy the sushi burger at Sticky Bundits at Maltby Street Market on the Weekends.

National burger day option  4 : The Holy Cheezus Burger From The Blues Kitchen

Head to the blues kitchen from some soul food with a twist. The holy cheezus burger is a beef pattie topped with bacon and stacked between two cheese toasties! Basic burger buns are so last year! The Blues Kitchen have branches in Camden, Shoreditch and Brixton

National burger day option 5 : The Waffle Burger From Bird

This super filling. Super succulent burger is one of my all time faves. You have to try the waffle burger at Bird to understand.

Click here for my review of the waffle burger from Bird. 

National burger day option 6 : The Ramen Burger From Pimp My Ramen. Also Available At Wawa

Another truly unique burger is the invention of the ramen burger. Choose your meat and have it sandwiched between ramen noodles. Pimp My Ramen can be found at Greenwich market on the weekends. You can enjoy Wawa restaurant's version of the ramen burger near Tower Bridge.

National burger day option 7 : The Dessert Burger From Little Water

More of a sweet tooth person? Enjoy a chocolate burger from Little Water in Covent Garden.

* Want a discount? It is national burger day after all. Visit www.nationalburgerday.co.uk for 20% off on any burger spot you can think of.

Tried any of these burgers? What was your verdict?

Are there any other super unique burgers around town that I should be sinking my teeth into? Leave a comment and let me know.

Happy national burger day x
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