26 Oct 2016

Speciality And Fine Food Fair Review

The speciality and fine food fair was held at the olympia in Kensington earlier last month, covering two floors. We went on the last day of the fair and with only an hour left until closing time!

It's a networking fair for those involved in the food industry such as hoteliers and wholesalers.

A word to the wise is to come much earlier as we didn't expect it to be so ram packed with fancy vendors and demonstrations.
Chocolate Fair

There's lots to sample at the speciality and fine food fair and it is combined with the speciality chocolate fair.

We strolled around, wishing we had come earlier. The Don Gaucho stand caught our attention with thier delicious dulce de leche. A sweet, sticky condiment that can be used in so many ways. The Don Gaucho Dulce De Leche is available to buy at Marks and Spencers. I highly recommend it to sweet tooths like myself.

The kind people of Don Gaucho gave me a dry rub and chimi churri sauce to take home. The dry rub is an Argentinian marinade, which can be used to marinate meat overnight or as a seasoning salt near the end of cooking.

We enjoyed ours on some beef. We also added the chimi churri sauce to our beef ribs.

We then stopped off at the holy lama spice drops stand where a wealth of sweet and savoury spice drops were on display. I like the idea of using flavours in oil format. Oils tend to be the most concentrated version of a scent of seasoning and we're all about strong flavours at my house!

The friendly lady at the stand gave us lots of drops to sample as well as ideas on how to use them. I can't wait to try the rose drops in a milkshake.

Manju Malhi a popular chef who you might recognize from the BBC's Saturday Kitchen TV show was also at the stand. She was kind enough to give me her Indian cook book to review. The recipies are absolutely delicious and plentiful. I really do recommend the book. Click the image below to buy.
We sipped and chewed our way through different stalls and the people at Nix and Kix gave me a bottle of their peach and vanilla with cayenne pepper soft drink to try. They sell three flavours, which all have a little added cayenne pepper.
Nix and kix drink

I like the fact that there are no artificial ingredients in their drinks. The peach and vanilla tastes very natural and healthy. It's mildly sweet tasting and I was pleasantly suprised that I had a noticeable boost in energy when I had finished the drink. Not many drinks companies can successfully increase my energy!

I guess it's down to the fact that there are no refined sugars. It isn't overly sweet and cayenne pepper can boost your metabolism and your mood!

Polish bakery

Our last pit stop was at the polish bakery where I received some delicious rye bread. I haven't been a rye bread fan up until this point. The rye bread from the polish bakery is honestly the best I've ever tasted! I thoroughly enjoyed the rye bread with cranberry pieces. It's delicious warm and toasted with butter.

J and I were equally excited with our goodies as he loves to cook and I love to eat!

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