24 Jan 2017

30 Ways To Get Paid To Travel

Who doesn't dream of living a life of financial and global freedom? The number 1 dream job has to involve getting paid to travel. If you want to get paid to travel you must firstly believe in yourself. Be confident. Being friendly helps as does a willingness to work hard.
Paid To Travel

Get into

Sounds too good to be true? Well you might be relieved to hear that
you don't have to be signed to a top agency to work as a model. Neither do you necessarily have to be stick thin or even "attractive". There are promotional, character and alternative modeling agencies out there. Working as a freelance model overseas is possible for anyone at any age!

Freelance as a photographer

With a good eye for photography you could well be hired as a photographer for anything from the press, nature or wedding photography.

Sell stock photographs

As you travel, the world is your canvas for you to capture in print. You could potentially make enough money selling photographs to fund future voyages.

Get paid to travel as a dancer

Are you a skilled dancer? Bars, clubs, musicians and event promoters are always looking for dancers of all different genres. You could even hold your own fitness and dance classes.

Get paid to travel as a singer

You don't need a record deal to get work as a singer. Restaurants, backing singers for established or up and coming acts and bars are always looking for singers.

Get paid to travel as a musician

Can you play the piano? There are weddings, bars and restaurants the world over in need of piano players. How about jazz or rock? Musicians are always in high demand.

Get paid to travel as an acrobat or stunt performer

Dream of running away with the circus? If you can convincingly pull off your own routine you could even tour as a headline act!

Get paid to travel as a lookalike

If you can convincingly double for someone famous you might just get signed to an agency and get paid to travel. You can also go it alone as a freelancer.

Comedians Get Paid To Travel

Laughter is food for the soul, but getting paid to travel as a comedian is no joke!

Magicians Get Paid To Travel

Can you disappear halfway across the globe as part of a magic act?

Get Paid To Travel As An Event Planner Or Promoter

If you've got what it takes to plan nightclub events, corporate or wedding functions. You could see yourself in a foreign country in no time.

Work On A Cruise Ship

Take it from me. Cruising is one of the best ways to visit multiple countries fast. If you have the stomach for the high seas, then work on a cruise ship could be right for you.

Work As A Holiday Rep

Every summer holiday reps are required at sunny holiday resorts. You could get free accommodation, meals and a salary to work in the sun.

Work As The Assistant Of A Celebrity Or Millionaire

If you can find and apply for the role of a personal assistant to a famous or wealthy jet setter. You could be checking emails on a private jet in no time.

Get Paid To Travel As An Au Pair

A common choice for people who want to get paid to travel is to work abroad as a nanny.

Work abroad as a teacher and get paid to travel

Take your pick from work as a temporary or substitute teacher. Assistant teacher, or even home tutor.

Become a mystery shopper or hotel reviewer to get paid to travel

You won't get rich, but at least your meals and possibly even accommodation will be covered.

Teach or translate your native tongue and get paid to travel

Interpreters and language tutors get paid to travel.

Apply for temporary jobs overseas and get paid to travel

There are millions of jobs out there. You're bound to be perfect for at least one of them!

Run a successful travel blog to earn money travelling

Starting and running a successful travel blog could see you getting paid to travel!

Become an internet success and get paid to travel

Believe it or not, but becoming popular on youtube or instagram could land you with some extra money in the bank. Plus a bucket list holiday..or two.

Rent or lodge whilst you travel

As a homeowner you could rent out your place and spend all..or part of your earnings on a holiday. Renters might also have the opportunity of getting lodgers in.

Become a busker and get paid as you travel

Wherever you end up in the world you could use your talent - or sheer confidence and determination! To drive home some cash so you can keep travelling.

Work as an air hostess to travel and get paid

Fly away to another destination. All in the name of work.

Work as a pilot to travel and get paid

Get a piloting license and you could be landing in your dream destination in no time.

Work behind a bar to travel for pay

Bar work requires no real experience. However, if you train as a mixologist, you'll have an even better chance of being hired.

Work as a chef to travel for pay

Freelance as a caterer - Or work for a hotel, restaurant or B&B.

Work in the health and beauty industry and get paid to travel

Talent in hair. Makeup. Massage or other cosmetic and recreational treatments could land you a job abroad.

Work in hospitality and get paid to travel

The hotel industry is huge. Staff members are always required somewhere in the world.

Work as a DJ and get paid to travel

You could see yourself spinnin the decks at a beach hut someday.

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